Simply Skin UK - Beauty and Skincare Centre
A Swedish massage technique designed to reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress. Each massage is tailored to your needs, please speak to therapist to design a massage best suited to you.

  • Neck, back and shoulder massage – 30 minutes £38
  • Neck, back and shoulder massage – 45 minutes £48
  • Full body massage – 60 minutes £58
  • Full body and scalp – 75 minutes £68
  • Full body, scalp and face - 90 minutes £78
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Candle massage 45 minutes - £53.00

Massage candles are unique in that they aren't simply candles, they are a solid form of massage oil that is melted with a burning wick. The wax melts at a temperature only slightly higher than your own body temperature and is poured off the candle and directly onto your skin.

Choose from Rose Fig or Cacao Flower

Simply Stones Massage - 60 minutes (full body) £58.00

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