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There are three different Lycon waxing methods – Hot waxing, Lycojet-ing and Strip Waxing. We use all these methods in our treatments and will choose the best one suitable for the area.

Lip £7.00 
(threading available)
Chin £7.00 (threading available)
Lip and Chin £12.00 (threading available)
Sides of Face £7.00 (threading available)
Eyebrow £10.00 (threading available)
Underarm £15.00
Half Arm £15.00
Full Arm £20.00
Back or Chest £23.00
Basic Bikini £22.00
G-String/Californian £27.00
Brazilian (thin strip) £34.00
Hollywood (all off) £38.00
Half Leg £20.00
Three quarter Leg £24.00
Full Leg £28.00

Most people are perfectly fine with waxing. However please note that if:
  • You have medicine-controlled diabetes, you should consult your GP before waxing
  • You should not have waxing if you have a skin disorder in the treatment area
  • Your treatment may be restricted if you have: excess surface veins, sexually transmitted diseases, vascular disorders, hypersensitive skin, moles, warts, scar tissue under 6 months old, recent cosmetic surgery, recent piercing or tattoos, infected ingrown hairs, prickly heat, skin tags, external haemorrhoids, cold sores, eye infections, use of progressive skin care products and skin peels, recent laser treatment microdermabrasion or dermabrasion, epilepsy.

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