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A Swedish massage technique designed to reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress. Each massage is tailored to your needs, please speak to therapist to design a massage best suited to you.

    • Neck, back and shoulder massage – 30 minutes £42
    • Neck, back and shoulder ma​ssage – 45 minutes £52
    • Full body massage – 60 minutes £70
    • Full body and scalp – 75 minutes £80
    • Full body, scalp and face - 90 minutes £98

Lava Shell Massage

30 minute Back massage £48.00

  45 minute Back Massage £58.00

60 minute Full Body Massage £75.00

75 minute Full Body Massage with Scalp £85.00


The worlds first self heating massage tool, with eco-friendly and biodegradable heat technology. Handcrafted porcelain shells glide smoothly over the body providing a seamless massage of heat and touch.

Lava Shell Massage is beneficial for a multitude of ailments. Including soothing aches and pains, over-active mind, alleviating stress, tired muscles, headaches, poor circulation, alleviating symptoms of IBS and bloating.

Simply Stones Massage 60 minutes £75.00

A LaStone massage is a unique experience. This powerful treatment uses warm basalt and cool marble stones alternately in a flowing massage. The benefit of alternating temperatures has been scientifically proven to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, relieve muscle tension and promote deeper relaxation.

Please note walk-on apppointments may not be available for simply stone massage

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