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Pro Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis, top layer of the skin and removing the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). The Dermaplane treatment removes several layers of dead skin cells along with the vellus (peach fuzz) hair on the face, a medical grade stainless steel scalpel gently glides in a controlled motion across the face.

A Dermaplane facial carries few to no adverse effects, and is suitable for all skin types and conditions and is a great way to freshen up your skin and get that radiant glow. It is also a perfect facial for people who have excess vellus hair on the skin. This hair often causes a build-up of dirt and oils in the follicles, so removing the hair will give you healthier looking skin.


Dermaplaning is not advised for anyone who may be on blood thinning medication (anticoagulants), haemorrhaging disorders, cancers, diabetes or with active acne.

The essential benefits of Dermaplaning are:

Product penetration enhancement

Flawless make-up application

Unclogs blocked pores

Radiant skin


The fine vellus hair that will be removed will grow back at the same rate, texture and colour as prior to the treatment. There will also be no 'stubble' and or `shadow' effect once the vellus hair is removed from the face. It is not true that the vellus hair will become thicker and darker after treatment.



Basic - Prep, Dermaplane, Serum and Moisturise

30 mins £45.00

Standard - Prep, Dermaplane, Power Exfoliation, Mask and Moisturise

1 hour £75.00

Deluxe - Prep, Dermaplane, Advanced Exfoliation, Mask and Serum with LED Light Therapy, Moisturise

1 Hour £99.00 

Our NEW bespoke service Pro Microneedling offers a clinically tested protocol which addresses dull skin, refines pores, targets hyperpigmentation, and softens fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling the Dermalogica way includes a unique combination of chemical peeling and an exclusive technique for more effective results. This micro-injury service is used alongside dermalogica NEW professional only formula Pro Restore, which you’ll also receive as part of your after care. This pro formula helps strengthen the skin, reduce downtime, and amplify your results. 

Treatment Individual - £220.00

Course of 3 Treatments - £600.00

PRO Microneedling


Address visible signs of skin ageing and get that instant glow and sought after "glass skin" finish with a dermalogica LuminFusion

LuminFusion is an advanced, 60-minute skin treatment performed exclusively by a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist. It combines a targeted eye peel plus retinol and hydroxy acid face peel to resurface and renew, NanoInfusion technology to deeply infuse active ingredients and LED Red Light Therapy to visibly restore skin luminosity and diminish signs of skin ageing - all with no downtime!


LuminFusion is suitable for all skin types and is perfect for big events and special occasions. If you’ve never had a professional skin treatment before, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional skin therapist as to your suitability for advanced treatments as it may be wise to prime your skin in the lead up to your treatment to ensure maximum results and no adverse effects. For the ultimate glow for your special event (or just because) book your treatment 24 hours before.

60 Minute Treatment - £140

Pro Nanoneedling

Achieve visibly smoother skin texture with zero downtime! Dermalogica’s exclusive Nanoneedling technique incorporates a unique device, which uses tiny cones to maximise product penetration. We include skin resurfacing actives and professional serums which enhance their infusion into the skin.

Individual treatment £85.00


Dermalux - LED Light Therapy 

Dermalux is the award winning, latest generation of LED Phototherapy, a non-invasive skin treatment which accelerates the body’s own natural repair processes to improve a poor complexion, signs of ageing (including lines and wrinkles on the face, hands or body) sunburn skin damage, pigmentation and overall skin health.

30 minute treatment - £40.00

Add on to CACI or Geneo+ exfoliation (only) - £30.00

Course of Treatments -this is a full month of dermalux treatments so a great kick start! first one will be with a therapist which includes a full consultation - £220.00

Coming soon is the Flex at home - a chance to treat your skin in the comfort of your own home



Looking for a professional peel experience?

Our all-new Pro Power Peel redefines the peel experience. Our strongest and fastest peel yet, the pro power peel features a full suite of peel products, including Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA's).

The best to experience this treatment is in a course and we have put a special package together to enhance the benefits and make it work best for you.

Pre consultation is required. Please book this online.

Pro Power Peel course £220

2x 30 minute treatments and a one hour treatment

Pro Power Peel 30

In this express 30 minute treatment, your skin therapist will create a customised to instantly rejuvenate and refresh your skin. With a unique system of three different acids for a deep exfoliation personalised to you, it is ideal to treat lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts 

30 minutes £70.00

Pro Power Peel 60

Want to experience a truly transformative treatment?

​This effective and customised 60-minute treatment combines the benefits of our Pro Power Peel 30 ​treatment with additional advanced techniques and technologies. Peel results are dramatically enhanced by a supplementary deep treatment process incorporating powerful IonActive Serum™, a customised masque, LED light therapy and relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing. You’ve never had a peel treatment like this before.

60 minutes £120.00

Cryotherapy is advanced innovative treatment that is fast, effective and safe and a new solution for removal of imperfections.
      Cryotherapy offers the ideal treatment for 
Skin Tags
Sun Damage
Age Spots

Cherry Spots

The treatment works by emitting a fine jet of nitous oxide under high pressure - this destroys the tissue but freezing the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards and crystals which will destroy the cell.

Treatment cost is £70 per blemish
Treatmnet cost added on to another treatment is £60 per blemish

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