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Body Treatments

Using body products from Natural Spa Factory which stay clear of nasty chemicals and parabens, using products that are home-made and packed with natural ingredients, feeding the skin with lots of natural loveliness.

Our treatments are bespoke to your individual needs

Wrap Me Up - 60 minutes £65

Hand pick your deeply nourishing wrap, with healing, slimming and anti-aging properties, our therapists are on hand to guide you on the best option for you. Our body masks are crammed with lots of lovely natural ingredients alerting the senses and lifing the mood. In the hands of the experts, see your skin transform to radiant and supple skin that’s wonderfully so to touch. Includes a body scrub

Scrub Me Up - 25 minutes £35

Choose from a selection of delightful salt or sugar scrubs fused with natural ingredients many good enough to eat, such as lime, lemongrass, seaweed and sweet orange, the list is endless and regularly refreshed. This luxury body treatment scrubs, bu s and stimulates circulation leaving your body feeling refreshed and invigorated with a silky finish.

Purifying Back Treatment - 45 minutes £49.00

Take a load off with our super-smoothing back treatment to rid your muscles of

stress and your skin of impurities. A deep cleansing scrub is followed by extractions

and then a Swedish massage designed for your back’s most stressed-out parts


The Ultimate Body Treatment (90 minutes) £99.00

We start this treatment with full body exfoliation to smooth away dulling skin cells and then wrap you from head to toe in a detoxing wrap to nourish your skin while you are cocooned we offer a scalp or foot massage to help unwind tension. This treatment is then finished with full body application of a body moisturiser and an aromatherapy back massage to help relieve stress and bring this treatment to a perfect end.

Universal Contour Wrap 

The all natural sea clay body wrapping process is a natural, effective and safe way to ensure guaranteed inch loss, detoxify the body and cleanse and firm the skin.

2 hours 30 minutes - £75.00

Please note this treatment can only be booked after 11am

Express wrap

Want to focus on just one area? Using the same ingredients we can target one of the following areas - thighs, stomach, hips and buttocks or arms

45 minutes - £45.00

Sienna X Application Tanning Treatment


The safest and easiest way to achieve an all over tan to ensure a healthy glow and even tan, the treatments begins with a gentle exfoliation before the tanning cream is applied. Please wear dark loose clothing.


60 minutes Full Body - £49.00

Half Body - £32.00

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